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3 green trends for 2020

The green trend is as popular as ever, especially with Millennials who desire an environmentally-friendly home, according to a report from the National Association of Home Builders. Your clients may ask for certification to show that the home you build meets above code standards for water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and environmentally friendly lot design, just to name a few.

We've rounded up the top 3 green trends for 2020 that will intrigue you and your customers:

  1.        BIM & Carbon footprint calculator for materials

According to Eco Home, the EC3 carbon footprint calculator is an exciting new tool.

“The EC3 tool from Skanska is a free-to-use tool that has a database of materials that allows architects and designers to calculate the embedded energy of a building design, which means materials can be swapped in the design phase to keep the footprint as low as possible. Until now, this has been a complicated process that was not undertaken very often; without knowing that variable, there was no way to accurately assess the total ecological impact of a building.”

Using this tool builds on the adoption of BIM or building information modeling. BIM is a way of representing buildings, roads, and utilities through computer-generated images to help contractors visualize a construction process before it is built.

Benefits: The EC3 tool can accurately estimate how much of a material is needed and it also reduces wasted time, labour and materials on a project.

Find out more here 

  1.        Water conservation measures

Water conservation is great for the environment and homeowners' wallets. Here are some great ways to reduce water consumption in a home:

  •          Using more water-conserving fixtures and low-flow toilets
  •          Installing low-flow showerheads
  •          Rainwater catchment systems
  •          Graywater recovery systems
  •          Installing green roofs
  •          Planting native and adapted vegetation in place of lawns or ornamentals
  1.        Mass Timber Panels

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Mass Timber Panels are more frequently replacing metal and solid wood as structural beams in buildings and homes in some locations in North America. This is a great trend towards preserving natural resources and old-growth trees, as Mass Timber Panels are made from post-industrial waste wood and smaller dimension trees from logging that are normally too small for any commercial use.


If you want to learn more about building green, check out Green Building Canada. 

Sources: Eco Home 

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